Species of Spaces and Other Pieces brings together eight MA Fine Art students whose practices are concerned with themes of transformation, transfer and transcription. The works presented in this exhibition examine the different ways in which the artists approach these themes within their individual practices through material, process and site and through the dialogues that emerge via the exchange and collaboration processes.

The challenges that come with bringing together eight very disparate practices have formed the basis of the exchange and what has started to emerge are themes of hybridity, multiplicity, fragmentation and contamination. Rather than focus on individual practices and works, this exhibition is concerned more with the approach to the installation process, particularly in relation to the space/s.

The reference to the Georges Perec text Species of Spaces and Other Pieces points to this preoccupation with space and spaces; types of space/s and systems (hierachical, organised and organisational) of classification; the physical space or the virtual/digital, and how values of scale and volume, surface and content operate within these. Through the installation process this exhibition will seek to undermine some of these spatial structures, working towards layered, hybrid spaces; spaces without or beyond system, or which point to system interruption or failure. And in doing so we will bring into question the cohesion (and/or non-cohesion) of the group exhibition.

This blog will record the events leading up to the exhibition, and will include images, text, sound and thought processes that go into its development.


Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

Cook House, Chelsea College of Art and Design

25-27th June 2014

For press enquiries please contact
Natalia Davis: mail@nataliadavis.co.uk
Rebecca Molloy: info@rebeccamolloy.com

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